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Aug 1
Aug 1

A redesign of my RWBY OC Team, Team BEAM. Inspired from various goddesses, we have Brigid Hearth, Alcyone Okyanos, Eris Viridi, and Morgan Sienna. (I know it’s a bit of a cop out to have the colors as the last names, but it was hard enough sticking to theme.)

I’m working on their details and tweaking their personalities and backstories, but thus far it’s been going well. I cannot stress how happy I am with Morgan’s look, because she’s been giving me grief up till now.

Aug 1

From the Season 9 commentary

  • Joel: The way most people interact with a cute animal... that's how Caboose interacts with the whole world.
  • Burnie: Everything is up for adoption.
Aug 1
Aug 1

Remember that episode of Community with the paintball fight?

- Monty Oum accurately describing the food fight episode of RWBY (via swan2swan)

Aug 1


no one ships SeaMonkeys more than Michael Jones and Kerry Shawcross // Let’s Play - The Last Of Us Remastered

Aug 1


My second masterpost of Characters.

Aug 1



this looks like some horror movie trailer

More like Link’s nightmare

(Source: tyforce-of-courage)

Aug 1


Ruby being a longtime LARPer, but she would only do it privately until recently. She only recently does public LARPs in big groups and of course is awkward and over the top when in character, but she’s naturally kicking ass at whatever game is going on.

Yang joining her sister having fun letting her aggression and wildness out with the game.

Weiss being the noob who LARPs as a way to become a better actress (she wants to act professionally) but she gets super into it thanks to Ruby’s influence.

Blake as the tabletop gamer who moved to LARPing after a falling out with her old DnD group.

team rwby + welcome to beacon

TEAM RWBY + mbti x


This made me laugh so hard. HER FACE.



Tick tock…